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With the option of learning remotely through Skype, your child will benefit from our French learning program, no matter where you live.

Our courses were developed in a way to maximize the interaction between student and teacher during the training sessions.

With the expertise and skills of our consultants in education, we have implemented a completely innovative French learning program for adults, that can be done remotely through Skype.

Our French learning program will allow your child to develop, strengthen or initiate skills in the French language.It’s a valuable part too – I can go from one lesson to another without the risk that’s always there with “real life” lessons of getting stuck in traffic. Instead of one lesson 3-4 then 4.15-5.15 then 5.45-6.45, I can work from 3 straight through to 6!Giving me an extra 45 minutes to catch up on some work, teach someone else, or even finish earlier! In this post I want to share how to teach on Skype. Click below to download it now and get started right away!) and other little word games with younger students to round off a great lesson.Not everyone knows this but Skype actually allows you to share your screen really easily. I’ve already mentioned sharing your presentations and other resources with students in their folder, but if they’re not logged in to the right Google account, it might just be easier to share your screen with them.

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