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And I'll create some animated cursors of the different leagues.

Jeeze, have you guys seen our pokemon cursor section? I haven't even added the White/Black version pokemon yet either and still missing a boat load of pokemon.

While this command does not allow the whole system to properly shut down and as such should be used sparingly and only when necessary, it is still better than holding the power key.

Update driver software For users with third-party mice, updating the driver software may help the situation.

I'll be sure to add them later, but for now the Gym Badge cursors went into the following section... The cursor set contains 16 fully animated cursors and was created by Blackheartedwolf who happens to have a bunch of other cursors and cursor sets on her site. This actually our 2nd star cursor update in the pass week.

After a few resets, release the keys and allow the computer to boot normally.While users have resorted to restarting the computer by holding the power button down, this is not a recommended way to restart, since it has the potential to harm the system.Instead, users can bring up the shutdown menu by pressing "ctrl-eject" on their keyboards.As such, if any application has this problem, we recommended that users update the application, or reinstall the it if there are no updates available.Reset the PRAM The PRAM on the computer stores some mouse-related parameters that load before the user-specific settings are loaded.

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If there are no updates from the manufacturer, users can try other driver software such as USBOverdrive (

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