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The problem for those of us who are not Japanese is that most of these are off limits to us, even if we manage to get a grasp on the language.Whether this is to do to cultural differences, fear, or plain out xenophobia is up for debate.It’s easy to find but also set back on a side road, giving you some discretion.After choosing the time and location, the clerk will confirm the price and the choice and ask you for your name and the color clothing you will be wearing.This may be the best option if you have a specific girl in mind. You can specifically request a girl by name after referring to the pictures on the website, but then you will have to pay a 2000 yen “designation fee.” If you happen to choose one of the “premium girls,” then they will tack on an additional 1000 yen.

That’s really useful for temporary visitors who do not have access to a phone.

What’s undoubtedly true is that the services at the majority of the thousands upon thousands of (sex work) shops in the Land of the Rising Sun simply aren’t available to foreigners.

Fukuoka Erotic Massage is different in that it not only welcomes foreigners, it actively appeals to them with advertising and a website in multiple languages.

Delivery means the girl will be sent to your home, and it costs a little more.

Unless you live in Fukuoka, you’ll want to set up a rendezvous.

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I give Fukuoka Erotic Massage a lot of credit for making it easy to book an appointment.