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Wayne Milloy played a poignant last post on trumpet.Dr Jobbitt presented on the Refugee Crisis in Hungary and Europe. James Public School Partnership was highlighted today with Bill Everitt introducing and MCing the description and the major players involved in this project, a 4 year partnership agreement currently entering its third year.The topic for today was the community service titled '211'.

Working together as a team, collaboration, effective teen strategies and social skills were but some of the areas discussed.

This camp is a vital part of our Rotary youth programming.

The girls (with family in attendance), where encouraged to continue as ambassadors, even club facilitators.

Steve Jobbitt , Department of History, Lakehead University (centre Left and Right respectively).

Regarding the first presentation, Captain Romick was introduced by Kevin Holloway, and thanked by Lori Mitchell.

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Modern technology assists greatly with computerized drug interaction screening.