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There is a name for this sort of behaviour: lateral violence.

Lateral violence is often described as ‘internalised colonialism’ [T]he organised, harmful behaviours that we do to each other collectively as part of an oppressed group: within our families; within our organisations and; within our communities.

Defining outcomes solely in terms of injury or death limits the full impact of violence on individuals, communities and society at large.

Diagram 2.1: The cycle of lateral violence Like all forms of violence, lateral violence can become normalised if it is not challenged.

When we are consistently oppressed we live with great fear and great anger and we often turn on those who are closest to us.

I have had to think long and hard about being open and honest about the damage that lateral violence does in our communities; am I contributing to the further demonisation of our people?

There seems to be a considerable appetite within our communities to confront and deal with lateral violence.

I have been similarly challenged by how to confront this issue and how to get the balance right between painting lateral violence as another problem of a troubled people and explaining its historical context without apportioning blame.

Addressing lateral violence will require significant courage, goodwill and determination but I think the gains will be immense.

While we continue to harm each other with lateral violence and while governments and industry operate in a way that fosters lateral violence, there will be little progress in improving the indicators that measure the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader Australian community.

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^Top Lateral violence, also known as horizontal violence or intra-racial conflict, is a product of a complex mix of historical, cultural and social dynamics that results in a spectrum of behaviours that include: Lateral violence is not just an individual’s behaviour.