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For women, anybody more than 10 years younger should probably be considered a fling…even a longish fling, but still a fling. I don’t think guys do well, long-term, with a woman who’s much older.

Of course, if you just want sex and some momentary fun then I don’t think there is such thing as “too young”.

) Note to young guys trying to pick up older women: keep your mom out of it. Whatever you do, don’t miss a Spinsterlicious update!

And, well, you see how he behaved once he got comfortable.

I’m all for dating younger men, but I think there should be a few rules.

If you want a serious relationship and really want him to be your man, and you’re a woman-of-a-certain age, I think anybody more than 10 years younger than you are could be tricky. Even though he’s younger, he should be old enough to: Ideally, he has friends in a wide age range so you don’t always look/feel like the chaperone when you’re out with his friends.

Y’all should at least both remember the original version of the same song; if you remember Diana Ross singing I’m Coming Out, and he only remembers Biggie and Puffy’s version that was sampled in Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems…then I think you could have a problem. If he’s divorced and/or has a kid, I think that’s a plus.

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Hollywood Revealed: Maxwell, you are currently starring in the play “Euripides’ Helen” at the Getty Villa where you portray “Menelaos,” a character that has been missing in action for seven years. ” MC: I think I’ve racked up a decent body of work. “Empire Records” with Renee Zellweger and Liv Tyler has also gone on to become a bit of a cult favorite, and even a couple of my more obscure straight to cable films… MC: Well indeed, “Midnight Witness.” A wonderful little movie. Produced by Menahem Golan and directed by your good self, with the wonderful Jan-Michael Vincent. One of them that I was in, “Dragon Storm,” went on to become Sci-Fi’s Channel’s biggest hit at the time. HR: You had tremendous early success with your films as well as your work on stage. While I was considering what my next film at Paramount would be under my three picture contract, they were rush releasing “Grease 2” to a less that stellar opening weekend and my contract suddenly went up in smoke, rather like a James Bond directive. HR: So is there one favorite character you’ve portrayed? It was “The Boys Next Door” with the young Charlie Sheen who just had bud-horns coming out of the top of his head at that point. MC: The production company, New World Pictures, went under at the worst possible moment, so the film ended up, like a lot of my flicks, moving into that cult arena and that doesn’t ultimately serve you too brilliantly in terms of the jockey stakes of movie stardom.

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