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It bleeds so red that he could have skated for the USSR at Lake Placid in 1980.

Soon after we talk, the Penguins will meet the Washington Capitals, and lose 1-4. I mean, he can score, I know, maybe four more hundred goals.

But Marc-André Fleury, the team's goalie, is amused. Maybe a little bit because when we grow up we play in Russia it’s a little bit different hockey. It’s my first big trophy because I never win trophies with this team. Wake up in the morning and work out and go out with my friends, maybe fishing sometimes, sometimes hunting.

He quietly presses a button and reintroduces the show with a smirk.

He travels down that road to find information, not to provide it."I'm pretty old-fashioned," Crosby told USA TODAY Sports. Because I do a lot of interviews, people might believe I want my opinion heard. This just comes with the territory."Crosby has patience with the puck on the ice — and with his off-ice obligations.

He is impressively accessible for a player of his stature, especially when you consider he has been treated like a rock star in Canada since he was a 17-year-old playing in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

The rivalry has been enhanced by the fact that the Penguins had recently fired their coach. Everyone, we go to dinner together and if I see Alexander Ovechkin or Pavel Datsyuk [of the Detroit Red Wings] or Nikolay Kulemin [of the New York Islanders], it’s all friends.

But the pairing to watch is always Malkin and Alexander Ovechkin (the Capitals' captain), two Russian forwards who have been the focus of comparison—and the center of rumors of clashing—since they were drafted second and first, respectively, in 2004... We play national team, we spend time in Moscow sometimes.

At the same, the person asking the question is doing their job. "Not everything works out the way Crosby wants, but he seems to give considerable thought to what he says and does."At some point, how you act is just who you are," he said.

"And my opinion may be different than their opinion, but it's not the place to get into an argument over my opinion and your opinion.

They are trying to do their job the best they can, and I have to do my job by answering the question the best I can."He is far more likely to mix it up with a Philadelphia Flyers forward than to end up in a verbal sparring match with the media.

Now in his 10th NHL season, Crosby has two Olympic gold medals, one Stanley Cup championship, another trip to the Final, two NHL scoring championships, one goal-scoring title and five 100-point seasons.

He has been voted MVP twice by writers and three times by players.

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I think maybe he’s not ready now, I’m ready now because I’m a little bit older. What I think is all inside me but I never talk about that because it’s not my job, I’m not politics.