How to deal with intimidating people dating two people at once

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Connections can be built with people when I think outside myself.”I knew nothing about Karen’s battle, but I’m glad that she shared it with me.

I am encouraged that my battles can be winning battles too!

This is not something that is meant to make me afraid. Being afraid has nothing to do with having a sound mind, and it is not the solid foundation that God wants for me.“God has all power and all might for me in every situation, so that I can be a person that acts and does what needs to be done. I want to have that same love for them that God does. ’ I then come out of my selfish thoughts and into a love for the others, where I rather think about the battles that they might be fighting, instead of worrying about myself.

If you turn yourself into someone unrecognizable just to gain their approval, then you probably shouldn’t like this person in the first place.

If someone is worth your time, then you’ll be worth their time.

Do not waste countless seconds, minutes, or hours a day worrying about what he/she is going to think of you because that’s just squandering time that could’ve been spent enjoying yourself.

When you get any opportunity to see them for more than a brief moment, take it. Intimidation a lot of times can stem from our belief that somebody is perfect.

When we have limited communication with somebody, we don’t always get the chance to see them mess up.

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Intimidation is formed through many different factors.

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