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A man who wants to join the app either has to receive a feather or ask a female friend to send him a feather.

Beyond the initial screening, Wyldfire takes any reports from users very seriously.

Yes, there may be success stories, but there are also creepers.

And these creepers can totally ruin the experience.

Miami was thrown a lifeline on Saturday as Hurricane Irma's path veered west, narrowly avoiding a direct hit from the storm.

Irma is expected to move up the southwest coast as a Category 4 hurricane on Sunday, bringing with it 130mph winds and life threatening rain.

They're starting out with a push in San Francisco over the next ten days, and then they plan to pick the next locations based on how many registrations they get.

We carry a wide variety of high quality products from top brands and labels.

Hurricane Irma dipped in intensity as it passed over Cuba, with maximum sustained wind speeds falling to 130 miles per hour, but is forecast to regain strength as it moves away from the island, the U. Irma would remain a powerful hurricane as it approaches Florida, it said.

That's where Wyldfire thinks they have the solution: Let women screen male users before they are able to join the dating platform.

On Wyldfire, women can sign up freely, but men need to be invited by a female friend in order to join.

Evacuees who have been able to get to a shelter compared the cramped conditions inside to Guantanamo Bay.

Some people are being turned away as high schools and other public spaces reach capacity.

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