Hermaphrodite female dating cam chat live

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Hermaphrodite female dating cam chat live

A bud of mine has a real Les Paul and says he cannot tell the difference at all.Hey guys, I have come across a Cortez Guitar that I dug out from the attic.DO you still have the bass and are willing to sell it?And I believe I have the original case - would have to do some checking.

I have not seen anything on this particular model at all.Like the CE models the serial number is located on the neck plate on the back of the guitar.It has a red body, no knicks or scratches and a lot of mother of pearl in-lay.Back in 1973, I was going to buy an Ovation deep bowl acoustic, for about 0, which was a lot of cash back then, well I put it on layaway, and would go into the store and put a week on it, and was down to the final bucks, when I ran across a brand new guitar on the rack...I have a Cortez 12-string also, cherry sunburst with hummingbird pickguard.

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Read Mine sound great and I would be stupid to sell it under a 1000$.

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