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I began to wonder what she had seen before she knocked on the door so I asked her if she had seen anything unusual before she came in.

She said she hadn’t noticed anything other than I had been watching TV.

I had taken off my underwear earlier and my stiff cock now threatened to spring into view.

I pulled the two sides together and surreptitiously gave my cock a rub while I was doing it.

I relented and against my better judgment went into the living room and again sat in my chair.

Savita followed me and sat on the couch that was across the room but still afforded a good view of the T. I notice the curtains were open and I got up and closed them so nobody could see in.

She continued to grill me on the movie and then she asked if she could see it.

I asked if she was ready and she said she was so I plugged in the movie, took a deep breath and settled in to my chair.

My chair and the sofa were sort of facing each other so I could see the couch comfortably.

I noticed through her thin blouse and bra that her nipples had hardened up a bit as we were talking and I began to get the idea that she really wanted to see the movie and maybe was getting a little turned on by the idea.

My sister-in-law is a rather attractive woman with real large breasts and narrow hips.

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She had silky black hair and a pretty face although you wouldn’t call her beautiful.

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