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Linda and I have also been trying to expand our roster of non-human venture-captains, and Bjersig brings the list of regularly featured half-orcs to two (the other being the popular Calisro Benarry).What's more Bjersig has a canine pal named Mahki (modeled off one of the Pets of Paizo, a handsome husky named Ajax) who helps the very competent and unabashedly deaf venture-captain navigate the hearing world. Linda Zayas-Palmer, the development lead, takes over from here. I always get the chance to meet-up with Jenny at Gen Con, and knew before this year's convention that I wanted to give her a chance to write a Starfinder Society scenario.When we inevitably met up at the convention, I posed an open-ended question about what Jenny would like to do with a scenario along with some rough guidelines of certain tags she had to conform to.

However, the Aspis Consortium's entrenched influence in the region makes opposing them a difficult proposition.

I will say, the art for Envar (displayed below) is spot on, and he's likely exactly the type of NPC you assume him to be from first glance.

Jenny did a phenomenal job at showcasing a very different style of scenario than we're used to seeing in Starfinder Society.

She's combined the high-stakes element of an infiltration mission alongside a cast of characters that are both ridiculous and completely plausible.

In reading the turnover text for this scenario, I went into three separate laughing fits from some of the presented scenes*.

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The Pathfinder Society may have struck a truce of sorts with the Aspis Consortium in Season 7, but that doesn't mean that the Pathfinder Society will never again be at odds with their old foes.