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Chat jasimin now in lain

2016 sees the rappers heading on tour with DJ Spinderella, hosting a new Cooking Channel show called and working on a cookbook and a sitcom. I'm going through something personal in my life and those lyrics really speak to my heart.Amidst all this, they still have time to discover new artists, and have become big fans of Rachel Platten, the singer-songwriter who broke out last year with anthemic hits like "Fight Song" and "Stand By You," off her debut album, When did you first discover each other's music? It's so inspirational and I can tell that it is from your soul. " Because Salt-N-Pepa, we're all about that – we're all about inspiring women.

How do you not feel sensitive about people talking about you like that? There's gonna be people who are will uplift you and love you and say, "you're the best" and then there's gonna be haters who say, "Oh my god, you're wack.

So we're building on the shoulders of not only women in music, but women who have gone to the mattresses for our rights. I was just crying." Salt: Yeah, there are days where me and Pep have cried right before we hit the stage. That's feminist to admit how often tears come and that it's okay and it's strong to cry sometimes and to let it out. Did this come naturally for all of you or was it a process to allow yourself to open up this way? Platten: My mom's a therapist and always encouraged my younger sister and I to talk about our feelings.

It's about encouraging and inspiring one another and God bless the men -- you're right, we want to inspire them, too -- but men have different issues than we have. Salt: Music is almost like journaling –- it's an artistic way to allow yourself to be vulnerable because your best songs either come from when you're having a breakthrough in life or you're getting over something like a relationship. But in my personal life, vulnerability was a process. My family is very big on sharing how you're feeling and that's how you get over something, so I've always been open and I think that Salt is so right in saying that music is vulnerability.

I would read things [like that] and Pep would be like, "You read that stuff? " It's hard not to, but eventually you're not even curious about what anyone's saying because when you're giving your all to your craft and you're doing the best that you can to be the best artist and person that you can, you get to a point where what does it matter? Pepa: Salt and I had the experience of coming from a time where there wasn't any social media. " Platten: "Block, block, you're blocked." Salt: It also tells you that there's a lot of miserable people in this world who have nothing better to do than to spew hate and misery on others.

What does it add to my life and what does it take away from my life? Now your personal life and your entertainment life all co-exists together. I really feel sorry for them because I'm like, "What is going on in your life that you take the time to sit down and insult someone? I remember Madonna was an inspiration to me -- I don't remember what the situation was, but it was something she did and everybody was talking about it and Madonna's response was, "So what? Salt: As a young artist, what so far is the biggest thing that you're struggling with? Platten: I think that the biggest struggle I'm having is making sure that there's enough of me, balancing myself.

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Rachel Platten: I was 9 or 10 and my friend and I became absolutely obsessed with Salt-N-Pepa and we made up dance moves to "Shoop" for a lip-syncing contest. " And you have another song that I really like – "Stand By You." Platten: Oh yeah, that's my new single. When we saw you at VH1's You Oughta Know concert, that was the first time we saw you live and you performed the song just as passionate as it is [written] and, girl, let me tell you, I felt like I was in church. As females, we know what we go through in relationships, in friendships, in the music industry.